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Children’s book: TIA NENA . Family & Identifying Relatives

Growing up in a huge family I was always baby sitting my nieces, nephews, and baby cousins. Our families depended on each other for child care, or housing. As a kid I did not know how my family was related to me.  II did not know that my aunt was my moms sister or that my cousins were my moms nieces.  I also noticed that I was an aunt to some older family members that I thought were my big cousins. As I grew older I slowly figured out who was a blood relative and whom was a family friend. It was all very confusing to me, so I try to teach children in my life who I am to them. My younger nieces/nephews and cousins sometimes call me mom. Although, I was flattered, I correct them and tell them I am their aunty or their cousin.

The purpose of this book is for the safety of our children. It is very important that they can identify the adults around them for various reasons. We do not want them trusting in the wrong people that they confuse as family. It builds their understanding of family and also provides security. As a child I guess I would seek attention and be overly cuddly with adults whom I thought were uncles. Growing up my father and uncles were extremely loving that I would assume all male adult figures whom came over often were the same. My mom would always tell me to get off their lap or to not sit on them or with them. But I didn’t understand why. If she would have explained to me I think I would have understood.

Now as an adult I understand why it was alerting to my mother because they were not family. I was lucky but some adults may have other intentions. My innocent child like actions could have allowed them to easily take advantage of me because i did not have. my guard up. I understand adults feel fond of kids and may be physically caring but there is a thin line that can be easily crossed and cause our children to be in danger. Alway listen to your kids stories of when you are not around. There are child predators where we least expect it. 

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